There are four main tropical rainforest regions on earth, from left to right: the Neotropical- (to which the Amazon belongs), the Afrotropical-, the Indomalayan-, and the Australian Rainforest (to which also parts of the Pacific belong). The Indomalayan's- and the Australian Rainforest's borders merge in Indonesia.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Plan:

If you want to achieve something (in this case saving the rainforest), you should have a good plan of how you want to do this. Here an example of what I thought of for the example (the major problem with it is that it greatly depends on lots of money, and it also is a rough-rough plan only of course):

1st version (would be the best and easiest, unfortunately it is the most unrealistic):
* the different state-leaders of the region form a giant (inter)national-park

2nd version (much harder, but (a bit) more realistic)
* convince people (both investors and normal people) of why and how the Amazon should be saved (with the help of booklets, internet presence, presentations, books, films, etc.)

* start a major fundraising campaign

* with the donated money, buy as much Amazon-land as possible at once (if necessary throughout the years if, which probably is the case, the money is not enough to buy all land at once)

* build / found the Amazon National Park
· involve the indigenous people into the project (though it may seem ridiculous, ask them for permission - they should understand the project, ask them for help...)
· help the former farmers, loggers, miners, etc. of the region affected financially by giving them work in the park or elsewise finding a solution for those who by this lose their job and seek help

Once the national park is to be built, following are also very important:
* measure the exact size of the forest / national park (via satellite or else)

* make a great species list with
· List of all fauna known (with descriptions of them, endangered ones highlighted, always update) · List of all flora known (with descriptions of them, endangered ones highlighted, always update)

* List all different ecosystems and ecoregions (by looking at the different species, finding important connections, measuring climate (throughout the years) and altitudes, geology, ecoregions also by similar ecosystems, and other important differences)

* by all these informations divide the forest / national park into different sectors (e.g. sector A, sector B..., this way it is easier to get a quick overview over the forest)


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